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An inside look at the Catholic Church, world politics, and the extraordinary, relationship between the United States and The Holy See.

The foreword of the book is written by Former Deputy Secretary of State Washington, D.C. John Negroponte.


Many, if not most, United States diplomats have at least some dealings with their Vatican counterparts during the course of their Foreign Service careers.  For my part, I witnessed the leadership role played by Papal Nuncios in assignments to three different countries in Latin America.  At other postings, such as Vietnam in the 1960s and Iraq in the last decade, I witnessed the plight of Catholic populations, frightened and uprooted by ideological or sectarian conflict.  And I was privileged to meet Pope John Paul II during his pastoral visits to three of my Ambassadorial postings:  Honduras, Mexico and the Philippines.  One has to personally witness such a papal visit to a predominantly Catholic country to appreciate the enormous spiritual and emotional impact these events can have on a country…MORE


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Book Reviews

Publisher Weekly: “This is a fascinating study of how political and religious powers relate, clash and, when healthy, work to help change the world for the better.”

Action Institute PowerBlog: “The Global Vatican is a rich and pleasantly-detailed look at the history of U.S.-Vatican relations, as well as Rooney’s recollections of his time as U.S. Ambassador to the Holy See from 2005-2008.”

The Global Dispatch: “Rooney uses the term “soft power” as he explains the incredible power of “persuasion” from the Catholic Church and also reflects on the challenges in the wake of 9/11 – the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq.”

E-International Relations: “The Global Vatican is very well written and easy to read. Thanks to a well-designed structure, it accomplishes the rare feat of appealing to both a general audience as well as to experts.”

Midwest Augustinians: “The book illustrates the role of the Catholic Church throughout history, and particularly its diplomatic relations with foreign countries.  The book provides both historical perspective as well as more current positions of the city-state.”

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