Middle East Op-eds

Middle East Op-Eds

Is this War Yet?
By  Francis Rooney
12.10.2015  |  The Hill

Contrary to the constrained and parsed language that the Obama administration uses to describe the terror radiating from the Middle East, we are at war.  The terror attacks in France only underscore this reality.  This is a struggle for the values and freedoms the Western world holds dear.  The modern secular state where all religious faiths are respected, and the rights of all men and women are to be protected, is under siege.  These attacks are neither sporadic “episodes,” nor are they merely criminal.  We confront a locally and regionally organized movement with a unifying ideology and global ambitions.… READ MORE

ISIS, Islamic Extremism and the “Long War”
By Francis Rooney
3.9.2015  |  Real Clear Politics

Regardless of various opinions about the United States’ military engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan since 2001, I would argue that President Bush’s words to a joint session of Congress on 20 September of that year ring just as true and valuable now: “We are a country awakened to danger and called to defend freedom” against an onslaught by terrorists practicing “a fringe form of Islamic extremism.”
Recent unconscionable acts of violence by Islamic militants, including beheadings and burnings alive not heard of for hundreds of years, demand broad and possibly unique means of response and concerted action by the modern world.  Certainly the “overseas contingency operation” with which the Obama administration replaced the “Global War on Terror” in May 2009 has failed to accomplish the task.  Now ISIS leaders openly threaten to “conquer your Rome, break your crosses and enslave your women.” …READ MORE

The U.S. Needs a ‘Plan Colombia’ for Central America
By Francis Rooney
10.14.2014  |  Time

The pope’s recent visit to Albania to emphasize the successful inter-religious coalition government there marked another important expression of the Holy See’s “soft power” diplomacy at work in the global confrontation of radical elements within Islam. He took this opportunity to highlight a situation in which Muslims, Orthodox Christians and Roman Catholics co-exist and govern peacefully in the birthplace of Mother Teresa….READ MORE