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A New Role for Saudi Arabia in the Middle East 
By Francis Rooney
6.5.2017  |  The Hill

Iran’s quest for hegemony in the Middle East has changed the political landscape in the region. The unintended consequence of these actions is that Saudi Arabia, the Sunni rival to Shia Iran, is taking on a more prominent role in regional diplomacy and outreach to moderate Muslims. Iranian mischief in the Arab world has created the potential for a Saudi Arabia-Israel security partnership, as both nations are drawn together around the common goal of stopping Iranian aggression, including its nuclear ambitions.  Saudi Arabia is also adding its voice to the fight against Islamic extremism..… READ MORE

The Department of Education Must Die – or Evolve 
By Francis Rooney
4.12.2017  |  The Daily Caller

One of many encouraging policy changes President Donald J. Trump has inaugurated to date is his executive order requiring federal agencies to conduct internal reviews. Agencies are directed to find ways to operate more efficiently and eliminate wasteful spending. If President Trump seriously wants to reduce wasteful spending and reform government, the United States Department of Education (DOE) is a good place to start.… READ MORE

Repeal and Replacement of Obamacare a Top Priority
By Francis Rooney
1.27.2017  |  Cape Coral Breeze

The recent election proves that America wants change. The American people have spoken up loudly and clearly that Obamacare must go. As Congress moves to repeal it, we must ensure that no one is blindsided or left without coverage. This should not be a return to pre-Obamacare status quos; but rather a new approach that puts you – the patient – first, and brings choice and competition to health insurance.… READ MORE

The First 200 days: An Historic Opportunity 
By Francis Rooney
1.25.2017  |  Pine Island Eagle

“Bold colors, not pale pastels” – Forty-one years ago, Ronald Reagan uttered those famous words in what was one of his greatest speeches, and in 2016, finally, the voices championing bold colors came through loud and clear. The American people spoke up, and there is now a historic opportunity in front of us for a new “Morning in America.”…READ MORE

Our Early Investments Defined Us: Initial United States Priorities 
By  Francis Rooney
1.21.2017  |  Real Clear Politics

This month, a new government convenes in Washington with a mandate to dismantle the last eight years of unprecedented legal and regulatory expansion that has killed job opportunities for countless Americans. The Obama Administration has inserted the federal government into every corner of our professional and personal lives. Now is the time to peel back the 80,000+ pages of regulations, and billions of accompanying costs, which are stifling job markets and private enterprise and encroaching on our personal and professional freedom…READ MORE

Why Catholics Should Be Grateful for Trump’s Victory 
By Francis Rooney
11.17.2016  |  Crux

Catholics should be really thankful that Donald Trump was elected, instead of Hillary Clinton, to be our next president of the United States. We faced a binary choice and the people of America showed once again that they are smarter than the pundits, beltway bandits and establishment insiders…READ MORE

Catholic Case for Trump is about Jobs and Wages
By Francis Rooney
5.6.2016  |  Crux

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive nominee of the Republican party, it is worth looking at where we Catholic voters stand in relation to the statements he has made and positions he has taken as a candidate for our nation’s highest office.

Trump has been controversial to the point of being provocative about immigration and some foreign policy issues – but there is one area where his candor and frank statements line up more closely with Catholic teaching than one might immediately assume…READ MORE